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The COVER-PAL Stretch hooding machine and the COVER-LAB test bench

The efficient combination that saves time and money.

The COVER-PAL 6000 Stretch hooding is the only machine offering :

-An easy access for the maintenance operators and users ot the film preparation module.

-An exclusive patented process of the pre-prepared sealing to get a high stretching capacity

Thanks to this machine many implantations and pallet sizes are possible and the safety is fully guaranteed.

The COVER-LAB is also an exclusive THIMON product and service dedicated to the stretching hooding. The test bench allows to our customer to find the best machine/film association. The operator can "arrange" the film characteristics (for example, change its formula to get the requested result). Safety and profitability guaranteed for the customer !

The  COVER-LAB is the result of a very close cooperation between film manufacturer and THIMON.

This exclusive service is now available for customers who want to get the best quality price film.

Thanks to the combination between the two machines COVER-PAL 6000 and COVER-LAB, you will get a reduction of wrapping cost while ensuring a continuous and perfect wrapping quality.

The THIMON stretch hooding machine is perfectly adapted to every kind of industries and products.