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Thimon is the only manufacturer with total expertise in every packaging technology and therefore has the ideal response to your industry..

Standard and adapted solutions for every kind of configuration

wrapping processes

STRETCH or shrink ? A technologically fundamental choice.
Thimon was at the begining of both these technologies, which it deploys in every type of overwrapping process. STRETCH saves cost and space, while SHRINK provides additional product retention, full weatherproofing and higher speed..

A total expertise

Thimon is the only designer-manufacturer to offer a complete range of machines using every type of technology for overwrapping with plastic films, regardless of whether they are shrink or stretch.

Hooding, Full Web, Spiral wrapping…expertise in these processes, applied to pallets, bundles or reels, is at the forefront of new developments.


Facing, every day ,specific characteristics and requirements of each market, Thimon is ever developping its experience and expertise to respond promptly and successfully to every kind of client's demands.


Food industry Glass and packaging industries Paper industry Building industry Chemical industry Home appliances industry Other industries