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Bundling is the ideal process to wrap bundles of different sizes.

It allows to lay a film, from two sealed reels to get a film web.The load goes trough the film web, that is once again sealed on the back side to pack completely the product without any deformation.
The main advantage of this process is its every sizes adaptation. Thanks to the lateral sealing system, It allows to get a packaging up to 6 sides !



  • Tighten

The film web is layed without being pre-stretched to gather, to protect and to keep the aesthetic presentation of the products.


  • Stretch

The film web is pre-stretched before being layed, to well maintain the load thanks to the elastic “memory” of the film.


  • Shrink

In the shrink technology, once the film has been layed, it is heated, so that it can be shrinked to perfect wrap and to protect the best the load.

Overwrapping by bundling : a real expert process !

Lateral sealer

Film web sealing

The NORKET range

Example of modular bundling with the 4 or 6 sides NORKET range  :
– Tailor-made solutions ,
– Cold mechanical cutting,
– Choice of the products arrival,
– Heating safety.

The UNIBLOC range and the shrinking tunnels

Example of compact shrink bundling with the UNIBLOC range :
– Reduced floor space,
– Cold mechanical cutting,
– Multiple gathering possibilities of the packs,
– Choice of the products arrival.

The bundling process is the ideal answer to the needs of the following industries