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Nowadays, the growth of handling processes, capacities and constraints in the packaging industry, make the film protection an essential element to make the transport and storage easier. Thimon is partner of this industry for near 50 years.

At THIMON innovations do not sound empty!

In the hollow glass industry, the most significant innovation of the past years is the “cold sealing”..This process has been created and patented by THIMON and is available in the whole range.

Protect with an optimum waterproofness !

Thimon offers studied shrinking solutions to bring an optimum waterproofness to your products,so that they are perfectly protected even in extrem storage conditions :

  • the cold sealing on a complete cycle in stretch and shrink hooding,
  • the controled shrinking for a wrap without folds
  • The contrôle power for a perfect thermo-sealing,

Preserve the load, even the most fragile ones !

Thimon proposes modern conveyors systems to wrap your loads, even the most fragile ones, without unsettling them.

  • A retractable conveyor for a gripping under the pallet, without any load elevation
  • Adjustable speed variations systems

Conveyor going down

Pads lifting up under the load

Conveyor going down

Secure and ensure the reliability even at high capacities !

To bring you the guarantee of a perfect safety and reliability, Thimon offers tested technologies on its whole range.

  • A heating system with hot air in the SHRINK HOODING process
  • Equipment selected for their great reliability to ensure a 24/24 hours running.

The only multi-technology manufacturer



Stretch or shrink film
Hooding and shrinking combined functions
Hooding machines with independent shrink frame




Wrapping machines with 1 or 2 rotating arms
Wrapping machines with turntables
Packaging cover up to 5 sides



Stretch or shrink film
Full-web packaging



Stretch or shrink film



Roller or belt conveyors
Turntables, rotating conveyors
Elevators, lifters, transposers, …