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This process is advised for very unstable loads, weatherproofing requirements and strong storage constraints.
It consists in forming a hood thanks to a sealing process from a film’s reel of a big diameter (usually 1 000 mmm) and to dispose it on the load.


  • Shrink


With the shrink technology, once the hood has been disposed and the film heated, the hood is being shrinked so that it suits the best the load.

  • Stretch


With the stretch technology, the hood is disposed after being stretched. The elastic “memory” of the film allows the hood to be pressed to the load in order to ensure a perfect stability

Overwrapping by hooding : a real expert process!

The hooding and shrink processes offer solutions of complete lines from 10 to 250 p/h.

Opening of the hood

4 possible automatic sizes

Stretching of the hood

The COVER-PAL range

  • Shrink hooding process


Example of a shrink hooder with the COVER-PAL 2000 :
– Working and maintenance ergonomics
– Absolute security
– High flexibility (multiple possibilities of lay-out and sizes )

  • Stretch hooding process


Example of a stretch hooder with the COVER-PAL 6000 :
– Working and maintenance ergonomics
– Absolute security
– High flexibility (multiple possibilities of lay-out and sizes)
– Film savings
– High stretch rate

Film quality control with the test bench for stretch hoods, the COVER-LAB stretch :

Film quality control with the test bench for stretch hoods, the COVER-LAB stretch :
– Important savings
– Perfect control of the load’s retention
– Respect of the products and of the packaging film.

The performance of the machine / film combination is the guarantee for a good and constant packaging result. 
Our expertise in the stretch hooding technology allows us to offer an efficient solution for measuring the characteristics of a film from just a sample.The film manufacturers laboratories are equipped with several efficient measuring equipment but these are very expensive.

Our engineers have developed a complete solution dedicated to stretch film packaging accessible to all our customers.
Furthermore this test bench is the only one able to measure the effects of the temperature on the packaging result. This permits to anticipate the modifications to make on the film’s characteristics and on the adjustments of the hooding machine in order to avoid packaging issues when the season changes.The stretch film characteristics are then under your control. You can optimize their thickness and their residual stretch rate ( on the load) according to your requirements.Then, you can save money on your packaging without compromise on quality.

The HOT-PAL range

Example of an electric shrinking frame with the HOT-PAL 2300 :
– Increased running safety
– High heat performance
– Excellent shrinking quality

Example of a gas shrinking frame with the HOT-PAL 2000 :
– Flawless shrink and flexibility
– Wide performance range
– Working and maintenance ergonomics
– Absolute security

The RETRA-PAL range

Example of a shrink oven with the RETRA-PAL RPA:
– Excellent shrinking quality
– High flexibility
– Low working costs


Example of the shrinking and hooding combination with the COMBI-PAL 2000
and the COMBI-GLASS 2000:

The ergonomic association of the hooder COVER-PAL 2000 and the shrinking frame the HOT-PAL 2000 allows to get an efficient and reliable compact system.
The both version ensures an excellent packaging quality.

The TOP-GLASS range

The TOP-GLASS is an extra protection, essential for a long time outside storage with very hard climatic conditions.

The TOP-GLASS system lays and shrinks a film sheet on the top of the load.
Then it allows :
– To avoid infiltration risks
– To get a UV rays and mechanical aggressions strenght packaging, during pallets stacking.

Our hooding processes are ideal for the needs of the following industries