Paper Industry

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Paper Industry

Thimon, forerunner in the overwrapping systems with plastic films and partner of the paper industry, has developed a material range perfectly adapted to the constraints of the finishing and packing workshops. Thimon, your unique partner in the paper industry, proposes a complete solutions set integrating functions such as labelling, weighting, handling and supervising control units.

Protect with an optimum waterproofness !

Thimon offers studied shrinking solutions to bring an optimum waterproofness to your products so that they are perfectly protected even in extrem storage conditions :

  • the cold sealing on a complete cycle in stretch and shrink hooding
  • the controled shrinking for a wrap without folds
  • The contrôle power for a perfect thermo-sealing,

Wrap every sizes thanks to high flexible overwrapping solutions !

Thimon proposes you multi sizes equipments (Pallets, ½ pallets, ¼ pallets,…), so that you can bring to your clients the guarantee of flexibility on products paletization sizes.

  • Up to 4 reels and more with HOODING,
  • The management of the shrinking powers according to your products sizes

Secure and ensure the reliability even at high capacities !

To bring you the guarantee of a perfect safety and reliability, Thimon offers tested technologies on its whole range.

  • A heating system with hot air in the SHRINK HOODING process
  • Equipment selected for their great reliability to ensure a 24/24 hours running.

The only multi-technology manufacturer



Stretch or shrink film
Hooding and shrinking combined functions
Hooding machines with independent shrink frame



Wrapping machines with 1 or 2 rotating arms
Wrapping machines with turntables
Packaging cover up to 5 sides



Stretch or shrink film
Full-web packaging



Stretch or shrink film



Roller or belt conveyors
Turntables, rotating conveyors
Elevators, lifters, transposers, …