Food Industry

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Food Industry

Thimon’s experience in this industry is impressive. The various registered innovations and patents are still considered as references in the overwrapping industry. The set factors for the products protection, encourage the Thimon’s R&D department to ever create and innove more with as only intention : Help you to increase your productivity’s gains.

Protect correctly and efficiently by benefiting from a wide choice !

As Thimon well knows your storage and logistic constraints, Twe help you to find the most efficient solution by offering you all our know-how. Thanks to our experience, we are able to propose you many different kind of protections, more or less waterproofed, in every type of process.

  • Inline or integrated top sheet dispensers
  • 5 sides stretch wrapping with only one film reel
  • Cold sealing on a complete cycle with stretch and shrink hooding

Let us help you to protect efficiently your products !

To be sure your clients receive your products the way you have sent them, Thimon offers you the possibility to choose the best process-technology- type and film’s width association, adapted to your budget and constraints, amongst all existing processes.

  • The Cover-Lab stretch ( test bench for stretch hood film) has won the 2004 Emballage fair’s Oscar, awarded for its capacity to reduce strongly film’s widths and then consumption. One more step for clients services and supports
  • Test facilities to check and validate the recommended solutions
  • The control of every kind of overwrapping processes

Preserve your products by controling the film’s tightening and lay on force !

In order that your products do not get out of shape, Thimon perfectly control film’s tightening and lay on force in all its overwapping processes whether they are shrink or stretch.

Communicate with a « Clear View » packaging, on printed film !

 To communicate according to your needs, Thimon propose several solutions available even on very thin films.

  • Pre-stretching that preserves film’s transparency characteristics for a perfect view of your product and bar code reading
  • Homogeneous shrinking that ensures the non-deformation of printed logos.
  • The lay of an advertising banner

Hooding and shrinking on only one station !

To optimize your production space,choose solutions allowing to reduce floor space and to reach high capacities.
Actually, Thimon is the only manufacturer to propose high capacities solutions that respect your products :

  • More than 400 p/h with FULL WEB WRAPPING,
  • More than 250 p/h with HOODING,
  • More than 120 p/h with STRETCH WRAPPING

Choose an automatic storage thanks to solutions in every processes !

Thimon has created simple solutions in every processes,so that your overwrapped products can be adapted to every kind of storage systems.

  • The strand layed on the pallet in STRETCH HOODING
  • The conformation in SHRINK HOODING
  • The folding in STRETCH WRAPPING

Wrap every sizes thanks to high flexible overwrapping solutions !

Thimon propose you multi sizes equipments Thimon vous propose des machines multiformats (Pallets, ½ pallets, ¼ pallets,…), so that you can bring to your clients the guarantee of flexibility on products paletization sizes.

  • Up to 4 reels and more with HOODING
  • Up to 4 different film’s widths with FULL WEB WRAPPING
  • The management of the shrinking powers according to your products sizes

The only multi-technology manufacturer



Stretch or shrink film
Hooding and shrinking combined functions
Hooding machines with independent shrink frame



Wrapping machines with 1 or 2 rotating arms
Wrapping machines with turntables
Packaging cover up to 5 sides



Stretch or shrink film
Full-web packaging



Stretch or shrink film



Roller or belt conveyors
Turntables, rotating conveyors
Elevators, lifters, transposers, …