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Glass industry

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The glass industry

Our hollow glass market includes all manufacturers of empty glass containers. We provide machines for shrink wrapping bottles, vials, jars, etc.

Our main concern? To ensure that we provide you with an automated hooding solution that keeps your sensitive products safe and intact throughout their transport or storage.

Because we have over 50 years' experience on this market, we have designed automated hooding machines that adapt to your needs in terms of total tightness and protection of your products.

Glass industry market Thimon	shrink wrapping
Glass industry market Thimon protective hood for pallets

Our pallet wrapping technologies

Spiral wrapping
Spiral wrapping

This pallet wrapping technology consists of placing a stretch film from 250 to 1000 mm wide around a load, at low, medium or very high speed.

Shrink hooding
Shrink hooding

Pallet shrink hooding consists of covering your loads with a hood and then heat shrinking it. This technology allows the film to be stiffened over your products.

Stretch hooding
Stretch hooding

Pallet stretch hooding allows you to wrap your palletised loads using a hood smaller than the pallet. This hood is first pleated and then stretched over the load from the top downwards.

Shrink full-web wrapping
Full-web wrapping

With this technology, also known as curtain wrapping, the palletised load is guided through a taut film. Once the pallet is covered, the film is heated to shrink it onto the load.

Stretch full-web wrapping
Full-web wrapping

Stretch full-web wrapping is a pallet wrapping technology mastered by Thimon. The palletised load advances through a curtain of stretched film which wraps tightly round it.

Handling systems
Handling systems

Thimon designs "Made in France" logistics solutions that optimise the flow of pallet to the pallet wrapping machine and then on to your storage or despatch area. These systems offer multiple possibilities allowing them to adapt perfectly to all your production constraints.

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